Application Process

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We're excited you want to apply to be an Amicus student! There are several steps involved and you must first be in contact with a local national Amicus representative. Applications will not be accepted without approval of your local National Amicus Rep.

Step One: Familiarize yourself with information on this website and determine if you qualify and if Amicus is the right program for you.    

Step Two: Contact your local country representative​ for any pertinent information and to learn about the entire application process. .

Step Three: Begin the application linked below.  Please keep the Application Instruction Tab Open while you walk through the app

Step Four: ​Submit by November 15 along with 100 USD application fee paid to your local National Rep. 

Note: Late applications will be accepted with this date and fee schedule: Applications submitted between November 16 and January 1st  require 150 USD.  Applications submitted between January 2 - February 1st will require 200 USD250 USD is required after February 1st. submission. 


Overview of Application Forms 

These forms below are all found within the Application Instructions Doc linked above in the Orange button

Academic Forms

  • ​Academic History (School Signature)
  • English Language Assessment
  • Transcripts 
  • Academic Character Reference and  Assesment​

Medical Forms 

  • Health History (Physian's​ signature required)
  • Immunizations (Physian's signature required)​
  • Medical Physical (Physian's signature required)


  • ​Student Recommendation
  • Agreement between Young Life Amicus and Participant
  • Medical Consent​ for Young Life Camp (Parent's signature required)​​ 

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