​Live the Intentional Life and Be a Host! 

​Hosting an exchange student is an amazing opportunity. It’s a wonderful new chapter in the life of your family, a year filled with unforgettable stories. In the process, you’ll draw close to a young person from another country and develop a greater understanding of a different culture.

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As an Amicus host, you’ll provide not just a roof, but a relationship based on unconditional love. Throughout the year your student will become part of your life and family. We’ve seen many lives forever changed as students experience the love and acceptance of their hosts.

The Amicus mentor is a valuable resource for you. As a trained volunteer, the mentor serves as the personal liaison for you, your student and the school where your student is enrolled. As the exchange year begins, the Amicus mentor will schedule an orientation for your family before your student arrives to prepare you for the year ahead. After your student arrives, the mentor will conduct an orientation for your student to prepare him/her as well. The mentor will meet regularly with each of you to provide ongoing support throughout the year.

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