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Our Life with Joe - Dan's Story

"Tomorrow my family says goodbye to our German son, Joachim. For the last 10 months, Joachim has lived with us as an exchange student and it has transformed our family. Joe, as we call him, is from a town near Stuttgart,Germany and came to us through the Young Life student exchange program called Amicus. I worried about having another person in our family for a whole year—our family works so well, it seemed risky to open it up to another personality (small group theory—whenever a new member adds to a group, it creates a whole new group). What if he didn’t fit in? What if he had a terrible attitude, or somebizarre personal habit? What if he brought conflict into our happy little family?

Our son, Andrew was off to college last fall, and Joe came in and literally moved into Andrew’s room. Right from the start, we knew that life with Joe would be different, and good. Joe brought a sense of adventure, a spirit that was willing and indeed eager to try new things, and most of all, Joe brought an openness to faith and the church that was a perfect fit for us. He has gone from stranger to son and brother to us. He has been a gift to us in so many ways - we are grateful for the opportunity to have been his American family.

God always works through people—as soon as we open ourselves to new people, new relationship, we open the door for God to bring us new learning, new perspectives and new growth. It would have been easy to pass on this opportunity, but in opening our home, we opened ourselves to God working new things in our lives.

The whole year is a lesson in how blessings flow both directions. We reached out to give a young man a great learning experience, and in turn all of our lives have been blessed. The magic of serving our neighbor in love is that it is always a story of abundance—serving in love always creates more; it never bankrupts our love, our energy, our time. Loving your neighbor is the best way to honor God, have a great life, and to have love returned. No wonder Jesus always boiled it down to love" Dan Poffenberger, Stillwater,  MN 

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