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​​Connecting Cultures - Building Leaders - Changing Lives ​​
"Amicus opened our door to the world.
Our family will never be the same."
- Sue Patton​, Amicus Host


Live the Adventurous and Invitational Life

Amicus connects students and families across cultures offering a school-year experience of learning, community and the adventurous life through Young Life. 

Amicus is so much more than a 10-month exchange opportunity for international students to live with an American family. It's kindness personified; it's the authentic invitational life; it's daily lessons in empathy, cultural learning and understanding; it's an incubator for developing leaders; it's students stepping out in courage and adventures. 

Amicus connects the world one family and one student at a time!


Connecting Cultures - Building Leaders -

Changing Lives

Live the Adventurous Life — Be an Amicus Student

Amicus isn't for just anyone. It's for students ages 15-18 who are courageous with a spirit to learn, listen and live in a new environment immersed in the American culture of a family, high school and Young Life. Amicus students are paired with an Amicus mentor to help navigate the year as we believe deeply in the value of mentorship and doing life together in community. Amicus students who flourish, come ready to grow and experience all Amicus has to offer; and go home ready to make a positive impact in their own community. 

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Connecting Cultures - Building Leaders - Changing Lives


​Be a Host 
"If you have more than you need, 
build a bigger table."

How Big is Your Table?

Hosting an exchange student is one of the best ways to expand your world and live the invitational life. It's a wonderful new chapter in the life of your family, a year filled with unforgettable stories. You'll get a glimpse into the world through the eyes of an international student who comes eager to embrace your family, your culture and a year of new experiences!

Amicus host families can have young children, teenagers or no children at all. Host families can be single folks or married with kids! Big hearts and a welcoming spirit are a must! 

Be a Mentor

​"Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen and a push in the right direction." J Crosby

How Big is Your Influence?

It starts with having a heart to make a difference in someone's life. By being a mentor you are connecting the world one student and one family at a time. You walk alongside a student during their Amicus year offering support, encouragement and guidance as they navigate life in a new culture and a new community. 

Every Amicus mentor is a trained volunteer who loves working with youth and families. Amicus has mentors in the US and what are known as Overseas Amicus National Reps overseas working to ensure students have a successful experience. 


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